Biomarkers and Multiplex Immunoassays

Indicators for diagnosis and therapy

The quantitative detection of numerous biomarkers with equally high sensitivity and specificity is a challenge that can be met with modern technologies in combination with immunoassays. Individual target analytes can be quantitatively measured by means of ultrasensitive sandwich
immunoassays even at every low concentrations. Other immunoassay formats allow the detection of hundreds of target analytes from the tiniest sample quantities. Before such assays can be implemented in screening programmes, they must be appropriately validated.


Development and validation of immunoassays

More than 35 scientists, engineers and technicians at the NMI are working on the development and validation of immunoassays on various platforms, such as the beadbased luminex technology, the ultrasensitive SIMOA sandwich immunoassay platform made by Quanterix, our own propriety multiplex DigiWest technology or reverse phase protein arrays.
Important subject areas in public-funded projects or direct contracts include the development of medicines and testing of their efficacy and adverse effects, as also the approval of biomarkers for organ damage induced by medicines.

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