Research topics

Improved diagnostics and therapy methods

The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by dynamic developments and significant advances in biomedical research.
While accelerated time to market is characteristic of this branch, mounting competitive pressure prevails and ever-stricter regulatory requirements are also expanding.
The most important issues are chronic and degenerative illnesses, as well as the impact of life-style diseases and diabetes type 2. The number of people with psychic illnesses is also on the increase.

New technologies, such as high throughput sequencing, molecular genetics, biosensors and high-resolution visualization techniques are enabling new therapeutic approaches, thus opening attractive areas for further research and development.
Individualized or personalized medicine, entailing the designing of tailored drug therapies, will make more effective treatment possible in the future, and, at the same time, ensure the highest standards of patient safety.
Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly bundling their resources and exploring outsourcing options in the hope of benefiting from the technological and scientific progress and efficiency of external partners who have specialized in biomedical science. The NMI is optimistic about the substantial opportunities coming its way.

NMI: Innovative test systems and technologies

The NMI conducts R&D projects for clients from the pharmaceutical industry, and from the fields of biotechnology and diagnostics. The institute offers services for pre-clinical drug development, the related diagnostic studies and clinical research.
Our close scientific affiliations and first-class facilities enable us to accomplish transfer services, from basic research to industry and hospitals.

Key aspects in the value chain of drug development:

  • Biomarkers and multiplex immunoassays
  • Proteomics and bioanalytics
  • Molecular and cell biology
  • Cellular assay systems
  • Electrophysiology