Molecular biology of neuronal plasticity

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Molecular biology of neuronal plasticity
Neuronal signal transmission - molecular biological analysis
Project leader:
Prof. Dr. Hansjürgen Volkmer
Project funding:
  • EU FP6, intern
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Signal transmission between nerve cells takes place at synapses and their plasticity is investigated at the molecular level.


Numerous diseases of the central nervous system are based on defective synaptic contacts. Therefore, this project investigates the molecular mechanisms for the formation and stabilization of synapses and the associated signal transduction. One focus is the influence of membrane receptors (receptor tyrosine kinases, cell adhesion molecules) on synaptic organization in neuronal cultures and animal models. New signalling components are identified by systematic investigations at the genome level (genome-wide RNAi screens). In cooperations, a relation to neurodegenerative and mental diseases will be established.