Project Image:
Title of the project:
Artificial Microorgans and Complex Cell Systems - Informative Cell-Based Test Systems on a Microfluidic Platform
Project leader:
Dr. Martin Stelzle
Project funding:
  • Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg
Project management:
  • HSG IMIT, Villingen Schwenningen
Funding reference number:
7-4332.62-NMI/37 (NMI)

In health research, important questions cannot be solved with the conventional cell culture systems currently available. The aim of the project is therefore to develop a new microfluidic platform for two very promising fields of application: research on artificial microorgans and research on stem cells, which are starting cells for the artificial regeneration of tissues and organs.


Despite intensive efforts to develop suitable in vitro models, many of the problems could not be solved with conventional cell culture systems. This is partly due to the fact that there is neither physiological perfusion nor an organ-like cell arrangement. The present project will therefore demonstrate how perfusion and physiological tissue structures can be realized by means of microfluidic platforms. The microfluidic platform will be tested with novel artificial microorgans. This cell culture approach differs fundamentally from existing systems in that it has important, in vivo similar properties such as physiological flow through the cell culture, organ-specific cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions and controlled 3D arrangement of cells. First feasibility studies with liver-like microorgans show a significantly improved in vivo relevance of the results compared to existing cell models.

Project partners:
  • HSG IMIT, Villingen Schwenningen