Project Image:
Title of the project:
Advanced Alzheimer disease model for drug development
Project leader:
Prof. Dr. Hansjürgen Volkmer
Project funding:
  • Eurostars-EUREKA
Project management:
  • DLR
Funding reference number:
E! 10762/ 01QE1703C

Genetic intervention serves for the development of a novel approach which combines transgenic mice expressing pathogenic Alzheimer proteins with mitochondrial impairment to mimic age-related metabolic deficits.


Age-related neurodegenerative disorders represent a considerable medical and economic challenge for the health care sector. However, drug development for neurodegenerative disorders is severely hampered by a lack of predictive test systems in the preclinical phase. To address this need, the EUREKA-Eurostars initiative of the European Union approved a project grant to E-PHY-SCIENCE in Valbonne, France, CeGaT GmbH in Tübingen, Germany and the NMI at the University of Tübingen. The project aims at the development of novel drug test systems for Alzheimers disease. A new animal model, an in vitro test system and a new diagnostic test will be generated by combining an established genetic animal model for Alzheimers disease with another animal model for age-dependent mitochondrial impairment. The partners expect a considerable improvement over current drug test systems for age-dependent neurodegeneration which will speed up the validation of novel treatments.

Project partners:
  • CeGaT GmbH Tübingen
  • E-PHY-SCIENCE, Valbonne, Frankreich