May 2024

Authors: Tengku Ibrahim Maulana, Claudia Teufel, Madalena Cipriano, Julia Roosz, Lisa Lazarevski, Francinja E. van den Hil, Lukas Scheller, Valeria Orlova, André Koch, Michael Hudecek, Miriam Alb, Peter Loskill

Breast cancer-on-chip for patient-specific efficacy and safety testing of CAR-T cells

Physiologically relevant human models that recapitulate the challenges of solid tumors and the tumor microenvironment are highly desired in the chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell field. We developed a breast cancer-on-chip model with an integrated endothelial barrier that enables the transmigration of perfused immune cells, their infiltration into the tumor, and concomitant monitoring of cytokine release during perfused culture.