MEA Meeting – Programme

The 2020 MEA Meeting, originally scheduled for July 8–10, 2020, has been postponed! We plan to reschedule the conference for July 2022. We wish you all good health and look forward to seeing you next year in Tübingen!

Confirmed keynote speakers

  • Prof. Diego Ghezzi, Medtronic Chair in Neuroengineering, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
    Title: "Wireless neuroprostheses for artificial vision"
  • Prof. Donhee Ham, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
    Title: "A nanoelectrode array for obtaining intracellular recordings from thousands of connected neurons"
  • Prof. Ellis Meng, University of Southern California, CA, USA
    Title: "Polymer Microelectrode Array Interfaces to the Nervous System"
  • Dr. Lucia Wittner, Research Center for Natural Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
    Title: "Physiological and pathological synchronies in the human neocortex, in vitro"


The scientific program of the MEA Meeting will consist of:

  • Invited and contributed talks in single-track scientific sessions
  • Two poster sessions

The topics covered in the scientific sessions will include the full range of research with microelectrode arrays with a focus on:

  • Stem cell-derived applications (neurons, cardio, muscle)
  • Assay development (multiwell applications, validation strategies)
  • Neural networks
  • Disease models
  • Microphysiological systems (organ-on-chip systems, microfluidics)
  • Electro- and photostimulation
  • Correlative methods (optical and electrophysiological stimulation and/or recording)
  • Human cells and tissues
  • In vivo applications (clinical applications, electrophysiological monitoring e.g. of nervous, cardiac or pancreatic signals)
  • New technology: materials, designs and fabrication methods