NMI goes Mars

Simon Werner, scientist in the BioMEMS and Sensors group at the NMI in Reutlingen, is spending two weeks in January at a training station in Utah - subject of the mission is information technologies, mental health and communication tools. The Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), is a space-like facility that advances and supports terrestrial research in the fields of technology and science for space exploration.

One of the main objectives of MDRS Crew 238 is to define, practically test and analyse the behaviour and logistical response to emergency scenarios (e.g. fire, radiation, medical intervention during an EVA). The results will be used to create a plan for emergency training activities and standard response strategies. More about the project, the mission and the research can be found at the following link: https://www.mdrs238.space.

We are pleased to be able to send an NMI researcher on a mission and wish him every success!


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