NMI employee elected Spokesperson of the microTEC Südwest Expert Group on Micro Medical Technologies

Dr.-Ing. René von Metzen, department head at the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen, was elected spokesperson for the Micro Medical Technologies Expert Group (Fachgruppe Mikromedizintechink) coordinated by microTEC Südwest at the end of 2020. The group promotes dialogue between science and industry, with its sphere of influence extending beyond the borders of southern Germany. The aim is to network the various players and to initiate partnerships and cooperations.


Networker and ambassador

As spokesperson, Dr.-Ing. von Metzen will help shape the strategic direction of the Micro Medical Technologies Expert Group and will represents it at conferences and symposia. The intensive exchange within the group as well as the input of external specialists are important in order to create new impulses for innovations. The topics discussed there range from applied research in the life sciences with a focus on microtechnology for medical products and implants to trends and emerging technologies. However, the wider environment is also included in order to provide participants with information beyond their own field of expertise.

Roland Dörr, Cooperation Manager at microTEC Südwest and responsible for the Micro Medical Technologies Expert Group, welcomed the election of Dr.-Ing. von Metzen. “We have known Dr. von Metzen for years and are extremely pleased that he has taken on the task as spokesperson. This position is filled by the spokesperson on a voluntary basis and requires the level of commitment that we have long appreciated from Dr. von Metzen in other positions. We are firmly convinced that the cooperation will further advance the section and look forward to exciting tasks that we will solve together. Once again, congratulations!"


The Micro Medical Technologies Expert Group

Micro medical technologies (also known as biomedical microengineering) is a discipline that uses the possibilities of microtechnology for medical applications. It offers huge potential for innovative methods in therapy, diagnosis and other applications in the medical and clinical environment. More and more products are making the step from research to approval and application. Therefore, in addition to technical topics, aspects of the regulatory framework, questions of economic translation and knowledge and innovation management are of essential importance in the expert group.

With its expertise in this and other specialist groups, the NMI contributes to scientific progress and supports the step from research to application. We are pleased to be part of the cluster and to regularly exchange valuable ideas with members and other interested parties.

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