Ihr Ansprechpartner
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rothbauer
Joint Professorship Zelluläre Screening Modelle

Tel: 07121 51530-415

Cellular based screening

The understanding of cellular processes in response to external stimuli is one of the major challenges biomedical research and early drug discovery. We develop new fluorescent nanoprobes (Chromobodies) to visualize dynamic processes in real time for High Content Analysis. Our research is focused on the development of novel cellular assays based on the chromobody technology to screen for pharmaceutical relevant compounds in early drug development.

Techniques, methods, equipment

Selection / Identification /Characterisation of Nano- / Chromobodies
- phage display
- intracellular binding studies
- recombinant protein production (Äkta- Express)
- Affinity determination (Biacore)

Cell based Assays
- lentiviral DNA transduction
- generation of stable Chromobody-cell lines
- fully automated high throughput microscopy (ImageXpress, Molecular Devices)
- High Content Analysis
- compound / siRNA Screening
- Detection of reversible protein-protein interaction in living cells (Fluorescent 2-Hybrid)