3R-Center Tübingen for in vitro models and alternatives to animal testing



“With our 3R-Center, we aim to work closely together with regulators, decision makers and potential end-users of new alternative methods. Our goal is to enable researchers in Baden-Württemberg to answer their scientific questions using complex state-of-the-art in vitro models without having to resort to the use of animals.”

Prof. Dr. Peter Loskill


Our Mission:

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Peter Loskill, we aim to provide scientists with a low-threshold access to novel alternative methods. By strengthening research capabilities, the goal is to create a broad, interdisciplinary awareness of these new approaches.

With a focus on “Replacement“, we are working on the development of a technology platform that includes in vitro models both commercially available systems and already established prototypes of our own development or that of our 3R-Network Baden-Württemberg partners.