Pharma and biotechnology

Drug development support


We use standardized and innovative test systems and methods to characterize the effects of drugs and to verify the effect mechanisms. Customer-specific solutions and assays are developed in cooperation with partners in the pharmaceutical industry and those involved in academic and clinical research.

Protein Arrays

More than 300 assays are available so that protein arrays can be used to measure the activation of signaling pathways and the response pattern of signal networks, which provide information on drug efficiency and drug resistance.

Electrophysiological assays

Electophysiological and cellular biological methods are used to test the functionality and dyfunctionality of ion channel and membrane transporters as well as their interaction with drugs. The tests are performed ex vivo on primary cells, cells and cell lines derived from stem cells, tissue sections and organ systems. In addition to conventional electrophysiological methods, microelectrode arrays are also used for in-vivo like tets..

Functional assays
Functional cellular assays are used to determine proliferation, apoptosis, differentiation and various physiological parameters in established and isogenic cell lines. In vivo funktional assays also available for the central nervous system. Drug resistance isidentified using RNAi Methods (synthetic lethal screen).

Pharmaceutical service
NMI-TT GmbH offers services incorporating standardized and certified methods.