Materials and Surfaces for Regenerative Medicine

Controlled effects

Novel biomaterials and functional surfaces play a major role in regenerative medicine. They can be used to guide the interaction between tissues and implant in an intelligent manner. The body's own regenerative and repairing process can thus be stimulated and supported. Delivery systems in cell therapy as well as tissue engineering, implants or drug delivery systems made of biomaterials are opening thanks to customized features and functions medical possibilities that were unheard of before!
Functional coatings offer additional innovative potential, for instance, when biologically-active molecules and enzymes need to be immobilized.

Biofunctionalization of medical devices

The NMI develops, produces and tests novel materials with the aim of modifying existing materials and in order to achieve the  biofunctionalization of medical technology products. Customized coatings are also designed and carried out by the NMI team.
Currently, the focus of one project is on the development of biomaterials in the form of interactive hydrogels and foam.
Various physicochemical analyses now make it possible to do structure analysis and surface characterization of new developments.
Biological tests give insights into the interaction of materials with biological systems. For this, studies on biocompatibility, cell adhesion and antimicrobial effects are being conducted.