Intelligent Implantats

An indispensable component in contemporary therapies

Intelligent implants are highly-complex systems involving sensor technology, actuator technology and signal processing.
Further developments and miniaturization open completely new diagnostic and treatment approaches. Typical areas of application are common, widespread diseases and illnesses specific to the aging population. Intelligent implants are increasingly being used as an alternative to drug treatment. Since they are known to cause less side-effects, it is possible that they contribute to optimal treatment in which the disease is diagnosed earlier and more accurately.

Miniaturized medical technology

The NMI combines the methods of microsystem technology, micro construction and bonding technology, as well as microsensors and surface technologies in order to develop the manufacturing process for micro implants. Biocompatible microsystems are a key competency at the NMI ever since microelectrode arrays (MEA) were introduced.
A lowering of the immunoreaction and an upsurge in the integration density at a high level of reliability are central challenges in our current developmental work.