Immunological Reactions on the Medical Surface

Prediction of material incompatibility

Systems immunology describes a complete biological immune reaction, such as an inflammation, rejection of exogenous material or even sensitization. The cascade of cellular reactions is what the NMI is focusing on in the current flagship project "Systems  immunology at the biological-technical interface".

Building up a materials collection

In this project we aim at collecting more than 200 biomaterials, such as plastics, metals, ceramics and biopolymers. These items will be chemically and physically characterized and will form the basis of a classified materials collection.
Investigations into the immunological reactions profile at the interfaces between materials will be preceded by the development of an in vitro [assay] [test]. The results will be evaluated by taking a holistic, systems immunological approach and stored in a data bank, which will serve as a source for reliable predictions of material intolerance.
The NMI is collaborating with three partners at the University of Tübingen, a working group at the University of Applied Sciences in Reutlingen and with three researchfocused biotechnology companies on the research campus. The research will be conducted "under one roof" on the campus.
There are 20 national and international affiliates from the medical technology and biotechnology industry. They will act as a steering committee and assist this joint project with help and advice and by contributing relevant materials.