Qualification of final cleaning after manufacture on implants

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Qualification of final cleaning after manufacture on implants
Standard surfaces
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Qualifizierung der Endreinigung nach der Fertigung an Implantaten
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Dr. Dagmar Martin
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  • Company group project
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The joint company project dealt with the objective assessment of the cleanliness of an Impantat surface. For this purpose, the basis for an objective and thus reliable evaluation of the cleaning condition of implant surfaces was developed.

The results from the project led to the introduction of XPS (photoelectron spectroscopy) standard surfaces. This provides an analytical tool for qualifying the chemical cleanliness of implant surfaces that includes all elements and chemical compounds in the investigations. The direct examination of the implant surface shows the actual chemical composition of the surface and avoids the uncertainty of all elution procedures of a possible incomplete detachment and analysis of contaminations. Due to the quantification at XPS an objective evaluation of the chemical cleanliness is possible.
Project partners:
  • Consortium of companies