Disinfection, cleaning and passivation

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Disinfection, cleaning and passivation
Development of an innovative disinfection, cleaning and passivation process for technical medical devices and the detection methods for their pore-deep and particle-free cleaning
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Desinfektion, Reinigung und Passivierung
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Dr. Dagmar Martin
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  • ZIM
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An innovative disinfection, cleaning and passivation process for technical medical products could be developed. The effectiveness with regard to purity and passivation quality could be proven by means of product-equivalent test specimens with a test method also developed in the project.

For medical technology products (implants, surgical instruments) it must be ensured during manufacture and use that no contamination remains on the product. Due to a lack of procedures, previously sterile dirt remains adhering, e.g. in blind holes or narrow lumens. By using the cavitation principle in a vacuum chamber for all process steps, it was possible to dissolve any contamination even in hard-to-reach areas with an appropriate process sequence and process-specific chemistry. Additionally, disinfection and passivation of the products can be carried out. Scientific proof of purity and complete passivation could be realized for complex bodies with comparably low and non-destructive effort. A process and a test method could be developed, whose effectiveness in terms of purity and passivation quality can be proven by means of product equivalent test specimens.
Project partners:
  • Gramm Technik GmbH