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Titanium coating of CFR-Rotheses: Novel cage made of carbon fibre reinforced polyether ether ketone (CFR-PEEK) with novel titanium coating
Project leader:
Dr. Hanna Hartmann
Project funding:
  • Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie
Project management:
  • VDI/VDE Innovation+Technik GmbH
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Development, test and inspection of a suitable method for surface treatment with titanium coating for a cage made of fibre-reinforced PEEK


The aim is to develop a CFR-PEEK cage with a thin titanium coating. In comparison to existing solutions (titanium, PEEK) a completely new approach is pursued: CFR-PEEK will make the cage more stable and at the same time more elastic. In order to optimize the ingrowth behavior, a surface treatment by plasma etching and additionally a thin and homogeneous titanium coating by means of sputtering is used. This allows the development of an optimal layer thickness, defined roughness and porosity for an optimized cell growth also in the cavities of the cage and an improved imaging. The layers show a high adhesive strength under mechanical load and during application. The design must be well adapted to the contour of the vertebral body end plates according to the material and optimized by the project partners in coordination with the roughness and coating produced. The   NMI will be responsible for the development of the surface treatment and coating process and will also utilize it. In parallel, Silony will develop the design of the cage and the insertion instruments and will market the cage.

Project partners:
  • Silony Medical GmbH