Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rothbauer

Curriculum vitae

Since 2011
Professor of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Tübingen (Joint Professor with NMI)

2008 - 2011
Managing Director of the biotechnology company ChromoTek GmbH (Martinsried, Germany)

2008 - 2010
Junior Research Group Leader, Institute of Biology, LMU Munich

2006 - 2007
Project Leader "Chromobodies", Project Leader "Chromobodies", Institute of Biology, LMU Munich, Germany

2004 - 2005
Post-Doc, Institute of Biology, LMU Munich under Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt

2003 - 2004
Post-doctoral fellow, Institute for Academic Diabetes Research Hospital, Munich under PD Dr. Mathias Baucher

1999 - 2003
Dissertation (Dr. rer. nat.; PhD) at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, LMU Munich under Prof. Dr. Dr. Walter Neuwert: "Functional characterization of a mitochondrial mediate disease: The role of DDP1 and Tim13 for mitochondrial biogenesis".

Diploma in Biology under Prof. Dr. Svante Pääbo: In vitro processing of overlapping tRNA transcripts in human mitochondria

1992 - 1998
Study of Biology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rothbauer

Head of Dept. Pharma and Biotech, Head of Recombinant Antibody Technology
T +49 (0)7121 51530-415
F +49 (0)7121 51530-16


  • Predictive diagnostics of individual immune responses in different diseases


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