Prof. Dr. Rumen Krastev

Areas of activity

polymer / polyelectrolyte thin films, nano technology, biomaterials, solid / liquid surfaces, foams

Stages of career

2011 - 2018 Head of Bioorganic Chemistry and Bioanalytics Division

2008 - 2018 Head of Biomaterials working group at the NMI

2005 - 2008 Research Associate at the Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces (MPI KG),                                              Group Leader - Soft Thin Films

2002 - 2005 Scientific research (neutron reflectometry) Hahn-Meitner Institut, Berlin

1996 - 2002 PostDoc / Scientific employee at MPI KG, Dept. Interfaces, Golm/Potsdam

1996              Doctorate at the University of Sofia

1993-1998     Research stay at Bristol University, GB

1986 - 1995    Junior Professor of Physical Chemistry and Surface Chemistry (University of Sofia, Bulgaria)

1985               Diploma, Chemistry - Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Rumen Krastev


  • Altered Proinflammatory Responses to Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Coatings Are Associated with Differences in Protein Adsorption and Wettability
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  • Controlled heparinase-catalyzed degradation of polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules with heparin as responsive layer
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  • Regulation of the growth, morphology, mechanical properties and biocompatibility of natural polysaccharide-based multilayers by Hofmeister anions
    Andreeva TD, Hartmann H, Taneva StG, Krastev R
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  • Design of intelligent chitosan/heparin hollow microcapsules for drug delivery
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  • Fine-tuned PEGylation of chitosan to maintain optimal siRNA-nanoplex bioactivity
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  • Polyelectrolyte Multilayers as Functional Coatings for Controlled Biomolecular Interactions
    Xiong X, Hossfeld S, Margutti S, Krastev R
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  • Surface relaxations as a tool to distinguish the dynamic interfacial properties of films formed by normal and diseased meibomian lipids
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  • Polyelectrolyte Coatings for Surfaces Modification
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  • Hyaluronic acid / chitosan multilayer coatings on neuronal implants for localized delivery of siRNA nanoplexes
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