Kai Fuchsberger

Areas of activity

Surface modification and electrochemistry for sensor applications

Stages of career

2006 - 2009   Further education in mathematics and physics and studies of nanobiotechnology,                                                  TU Kaiserslautern (DISC)

2006 - 2009   Further education in mathematics and physics and studies of nanobiotechnology,                                                  TU Kaiserslautern (DISC)

1999 - 2006    Dipl. Biologist, University of Bayreuth, Diploma thesis with Prof. Dr. Erwin Beck,                                                        Plant Physiology on effects of artificial auxins on cell division and elongation growth of                                          tobacco cell cultures

1999                Process control, Hoechst Trevira GmbH & Co KG in Bobingen

1996 - 1999   Apprenticeship as chemical laboratory assistant, Hoechst Trevira GmbH & Co KG, Bobingen 

1995 - 1996    Studied Mathematics, University of Augsburg


Kai Fuchsberger
Scientist BioMEMS and sensors



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