Dr. Ulf Dettinger

Areas of Activity

field of surface analysis (HRXPS, also in combination with Gas Cluster Ion Beams (GCIB) as well as FTIR microscopy) and here in particular in cleaning validation, the investigation of passivation layers, as well as process analysis

Stages of career

2019 - Present  Scientists in the research group Interfacial Analysis in the Production Process

2017-2018        Scientists in the Interfacial and Microstructure Analysis Group

2010-2017        Doctorate in physical chemistry on organic solar cells

2004-2010        Study of chemistry at the University of Tübingen


Publikationen, not made at the NMI

Aygül, U.; Batchelor, D.; Dettinger, U.; Yilmaz, S.; Allard, S.; Scherf, U.; Peisert, H.; Chassé, T., Molecular Orientation in Polymer Films for Organic Solar Cells Studied by NEXAFS, J. Phys. Chem. C 2012, 116, 4870-4874.

Zorn, S.; Dettinger, U.; Skoda, M. W. A.; Jacobs, R. M. J.; Peisert, H.; Gerlach, A.; Chassé, T.; Schreiber, F., Stability of hexa(ethylene glycol) SAMs towards the exposure to natural light and repeated reimmersion, Appl. Surf. Sci. 2012, 258, 7882-7888.

Aygül, U.; Peisert, H.; Batchelor, D.; Dettinger, U.; Ivanovic, M.; Tournebize, A.; Mangold, S.; Forster, M.; Dumsch, I.; Kowalski, S.; Allard, S.; Scherf, U.; Chasse, T., Molecular orientation in polymer/fullerene blend films and the influence of annealing, Sol. Energy Mater. Sol. Cells 2014, 128, 119-125.

Dettinger, U.; Egelhaaf, H.-J.; Brabec, C. J.; Latteyer, F.; Peisert, H.; Chassé, T., FTIR Study of the Impact of PC[60]BM on the Photodegradation of the Low Band Gap Polymer PCPDTBT under O2 Environment, Chem. Mater. 2015, 27, 2299-2308.

Degler, D.; Barz, N.; Dettinger, U.; Peisert, H.; Chasse, T.; Weimar, U.; Barsan, N., Extending the toolbox for gas sensor research: Operando UV/vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy on SnO2-based gas sensors, Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical 2016, 224, 256-259.

Ivanovic, M.; Aygül, U.; Dettinger, U.; Tournebize, A.; Polek, M.; Batchelor, D.; Mangold, S.; Forster, M.; Scherf, U.; Peisert, H.; Chasse, T., Electronic structure and self-organization properties of low band gap polymers: The effect of the introduction of additional thiophene moieties, Sol. Energy Mater. Sol. Cells 2016, 157, 286-294.

Batchelor, D. R.; Aygül, U.; Dettinger, U.; Ivanovic, M.; Tournebize, A.; Mangold, S.; Forster, M.; Scherf, U.; Peisert, H.; Chassé, T., Insight into the orientation of LBG polymer films by XANES experiment and calculation, Eur. Polym. J. 2016, 81, 686-693.

Dettinger, U. , Stabilität der aktiven Schicht organischer Solarzellen anhand des Modellsystems PCPDTBT:PC(60)BM, Dissertation

Dr. Ulf Dettinger
Scientist Interface Analytics in Production Processes