Dr. Simge Yüz

Areas of activity:
Patient-derived ex-vivo 3D tumor models and their preclinical application in compound efficacy testing
Cell interactions between patient-derived tumor cells and autologous T lymphocytes
Modulation of cell-cell communication and signaling with optogenetics

Stages of career:
since 2018   Postdoctoral researcher, NMI

2014-2018   PhD in Biosciences, MPI for Medical Research/University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Joachim P. Spatz
Title: Re-programming cell interactions with light-dependent heterodimers

2012-2014   M. Sc. in Biology, LMU, Munich/Germany

2007-2012  B.Sc. in Biology, METU, Ankara/Turkey

2006-2011   B.Sc. in Chemistry, METU, Ankara/Turkey

Yüz SG, Ricken J, Wegner SW. Independent Control over Multiple Cell Types in Space and Time Using Orthogonal Blue and Red Light Switchable Cell Interactions. Advanced Science. 2018 Aug; 5(8): 1800446.

Yüz SG, Rasoulinejad S, Müller M, Wegner AE, Wegner SW. Blue Light Switchable Cell-Cell Interactions Provide Reversible and Spatiotemporal Control Towards Bottom-Up Tissue Engineering. Advanced Biosystems. 2019 Jan 18, https://doi.org/10.1002/adbi.201800310

Dr. Simge Yüz

Scientist Tumour biology
M.Sc. Biology
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