Dr. Oliver Pötz

Areas of activity

Biochemistry, development of mass spectrometry-based immunoassays, drug-drug interactions, molecular responses of cells and tissues to xenobiotics, validation of safety biomarkers.

Stages of career

2016 - present  Managing Director of SIGNATOPE GmbH.

2010 - 2016  Group leader protein analytics, NMI

2014 - present  Chair of the GBM Working Group Bioanalytics

Dr. Oliver Pötz


  • Characterization of hepatic zonation in mice by mass-spectrometric and antibody-based proteomics approaches
    Kling S, Lang B, Hammer HS, Naboulsi W, Sprenger H, Frenzel F, Pötz O, Schwarz M, Braeuning A, Templin MF
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  • Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane Compatibility with N-Hydroxysuccinimide Ester Chemistry: Biotinylation of Peptides and Proteins in TRIS Buffer
    Kratzer U, Sommersdorf C, Maier S, Wagner TR, Templin M, Joos TO, Rothbauer U, Zeck A, Poetz O
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  • Application of Mass Spectrometry-Based Immunoassays for the Species- and Tissue-Specific Quantification of Banned Processed Animal Proteins in Feeds
    Steinhilber A, Schmidt F, Naboulsi W, Planatscher H, Niedzwiecka A, Zagon J, Braeuning A, Lampen A, Joos T, Poetz O
    Analytical Chemistry. 2019 Feb 27. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.8b04652 Epub ahead of print
  • Species Differentiation and Quantification of Processed Animal Proteins and Blood Products in Fish Feed Using an 8-Plex Mass Spectrometry-Based Immunoassay
    Steinhilber AE, Schmidt FF, Naboulsi W, Planatscher H, Niedzwiecka A, Zagon J, Braeuning A, Lampen A, Joos TO, Poetz O
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  • Peptide-Based Sandwich Immunoassay for the Quantification of the Membrane Transporter Multidrug Resistance Protein
    Poetz O, Dieze T, Hammer H, Weiß F, Sommersdorf C, Templin MF, Esdar C, Zimmermann A, Stevanovic S, Bedke J, Stenzl A, Joos TO.
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  • Mass Spectrometry-Based Immunoassay for the Quantification of Banned Ruminant Processed Animal Proteins in Vegetal Feeds
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  • Direct Quantification of Cytochromes P450 and Drug Transporters-A Rapid, Targeted Mass Spectrometry-Based Immunoassay Panel for Tissues and Cell Culture Lysates
    Weiß F, Hammer HS, Klein K, Planatscher H, Zanger UM, Norén A, Wegler C, Artursson P, Joos TO, Poetz O
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  • Hepatotoxic effects of cyproconazole and prochloraz in wild-type and hCAR/hPXR mice
    Marx-Stoelting P, Ganzenberg K, Knebel C, Schmidt F, Rieke S, Hammer H, Schmidt F, Potz O, Schwarz M, Braeuning A
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  • Innate immune system favors emergency monopoiesis at the expense of DC-differentiation to control systemic bacterial infection in mice
    Pasquevich KA, Bieber K, Gunter M, Grauer M, Potz O, Schleicher U, Biedermann T, Beer-Hammer S, Buhring HJ, Rammensee HG, Zender L, Autenrieth IB, Lengerke C, Autenrieth SE
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  • Temporal quantitative phosphoproteomics of ADP stimulation reveals novel central nodes in platelet activation and inhibition
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  • Miniaturized Multiplexed Protein Binding Assays
    Templin MF, Poetz O, Schwenk JM, Stoll D, Joos TO
    W.-L. Xing and J. Cheng. Frontiers in Biochip Technology. Boston, MA: Springer US; 2006. 61-87.
  • A Nexus Consisting of Beta-Catenin and Stat3 Attenuates BRAF Inhibitor Efficacy and Mediates Acquired Resistance to Vemurafenib
    Sinnberg T, Makino E, Krueger MA, Velic A, Macek B, Rothbauer U, Groll N, Potz O, Czemmel S, Niessner H, Meier F, Ikenberg K, Garbe C, Schittek B
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  • Bulk cell density and Wnt/TGFbeta signalling regulate mesendodermal patterning of human pluripotent stem cells
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  • Coordinate regulation of Cyp2e1 by beta-catenin- and hepatocyte nuclear factor 1alpha-dependent signaling
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  • Evaluation of novel biomarkers of nephrotoxicity in Cynomolgus monkeys treated with gentamicin
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  • Inhibition of beta-catenin signaling by phenobarbital in hepatoma cells in vitro
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  • A bead-based western for high-throughput cellular signal transduction analyses
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  • Peptides in headlock - a novel high-affinity and versatile peptide-binding nanobody for proteomics and microscopy
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  • Indirect protein quantification of drug-transforming enzymes using peptide group-specific immunoaffinity enrichment and mass spectrometry
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  • From spots to beads-PTM-peptide bead arrays for the characterization of anti-histone antibodies
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  • Plasma levels of soluble glycoprotein VI (sGPVI) are associated with ischemic stroke
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  • Conditional Disruption of Axin1 Leads to Development of Liver Tumors in Mice
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