Philipp Albrecht
Dr. Claus J. Burkhardt

Areas of activity

Nanotechnology, nanolithography with electron and ion beams, electron beam and ion beam induced material deposition (additive nanolithography), electron microscopy, development of preparation methods, thin film technology, microsystems technology

Stages of career

2018 - Present Group Leader Applied Materials Science and Electron Microscopy

2008 - 2017     Group Leader Microsystems and Nanotechnology 

1998 - 2007     Research Associate at the NMI, Project Manager

1995 - 1997     Research assistant at the Hearing Research Centre Tübingen

1997                 Doctorate at the University of Tübingen

1986 - 1992     Research Assistant, PhD Student, University of Tübingen, Institute of Applied Physics

1979 - 1986     Physics studies, University of Tübingen

Elvina Houas
Michael Huang
Dr. Tarek Lutz

Stages of career

since 2012 NMI, Project leader Nano analytics, Head of NMI Nano analytic laboratory, Physicist2007 - 2012 Senior experimental Officer, Marie-Curie senior research fellow (EU/FP7), CRANN/Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

2005 - 2007 Staff engineer, Physicis, Qimonda, Dresden, Germany

2004 - 2005  Senior researcher, Physicist, Infineon, Cooperate Research (CPR) Munich, Germany

1999 - 2004  Senior engineer, Physicist, Infineon, Mask House, Munich, Germany

1997 - 1999  Physicist; Masterstudent, NMI Reutlingen,Germany

1997 - 1998  Kleindiek Nanotechnik, Reutlingen, Germany

Dr. Wilfried Nisch

Areas of activity

Micro- and Nanotechnology, thin film technology, Electron and ion beam technology, Electron microscopy and microanalysis, Vacuum and cryo technology

Stages of career

2013 - present  Senior Scientist, Nanoanalytics, Retirement, NMI Reutlingen

1987 - 2013  Group Leader and Project Leader Technical Physics, NMI Reutlingen

1985 - 1978  Scientist Materials Analysis, Electron Microscopy, MPA University Stuttgart

1980 - 1985  Scientific employee and PhD student, Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tübingen

1987  Doctorate Dr. rer. nat. , University of Tübingen Studies of Physics, University of Munich and University of Tübingen

Justine Rehbronn
Benedikt Reichel
Dr. Birgit Schröppel

Areas of activity

FIB/SEM Crossbeam, cryomicroscopy, preparation methods, Analytics of biological-technical interfaces, electron microscopy

Stages of career

Since 2009 research associate in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Group at the NMI

2011 PhD in Applied Physics on the development of an ion optical transfer system for a mass spectrometer

2004 - 2009 Research Assistant at the Institute of Applied Physics, Working Group Electron and Ion Optics

1997 - 2004 Study of physics at the Eberhard-Karls University Tübingen

Clementine Warres

Student Assistants

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