Sandra Buckenmaier
Technical Assistant Electrophysiology
Dr. Timm Danker
Scientist Electrophysiology
Karin Gebhardt
Technical Assistant Electrophysiology
Dr. Udo Kraushaar
Group Leader Electrophysiology

Ares of activity

Function and dynamics of ion channels at the cellular level and in organo-near systems (acute and organotypic tissue preparations, cell clusters). Special emphasis is put on the clarification of neurobiological and cardiorelevant questions. 

Stages of career

2007 - Group leader electrophysiology

2004 - 2007     Research associate at Saarland University Hospital, Molecular Cell Biology Prof. Lipp

2002 - 2004     Postdoctoral Associate Yale University, USA, Neurobiology Prof. McCormick

2000 - 2002     Scientific assistant at the University of Freiburg, Physiology I  Prof. Jonas

1995 - 2000     PhD on synaptic transmission in the hippocampus

1995                 Diploma in Biology University of Kaiserslautern, Zoology Prof. Deitmer

Dominik Loser
Scientist Electrophysiology
Emilio Pardo-González
Scientist Electrophysiology
Jasmin Schäfer
Technical Assistant Electro­physio­logy

Student Assistants

Hae In Chang
Student Assistant Elektrophysiology