Dr. Tarek Lutz

Werdegang mit den wichtigsten Stationen

2012 - heute  NMI, Projektleiter Nanoanalytik, Leiter des NMI Nanoanalyselabors, Physiker

2007-2012  Senior Experimental Officer, Marie-Curie Senior Research Fellow (EU/FP7), CRANN/Trinity College, Dublin, Irland

2005-2007  Ingenieur, Physik, Qimonda, Dresden, Deutschland

2004-2005 Senior Researcher, Physiker, Infineon, Cooperate Research (CPR) München, Deutschland

1999-2004  Ingenieur, Physiker, Infineon, Mask House, München, Deutschland

1997-1999  Physiker; Masterstudent, NMI Reutlingen, Deutschland

1997-1998  Kleindiek Nanotechnik, Reutlingen, Deutschland

2007-2012 Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Dublin, Irland
Kontakt-Schnittstellenstudien von Metall- und Kohlenstoffelektroden zu Germanium-Nanodrähten, Kohlenstoff-Nanoröhren und dünnen Kohlenstoffschichten in zugehörigen Geräten".
Doktorarbeit an der School of Physics am Trinity College in Dublin (Irland)

1997-1998 Universität Tübingen, Tübingen, Deutschland
"Zielpräparationsstrategien mit Hilfe der Focused Ion Beam Technique (FIB) zur Untersuchung interner Schnittstellen in der Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie".
Masterarbeit am Bosch-Forschungszentrum und am Naturwissenschaftlichen und Medizinischen Institut (NMI)

1998-1997 Universität Tübingen, Tübingen, Deutschland

Publikationen, die nicht am NMI entstanden sind:

Contact resistivity and suppression of Fermi level pinning in side-contacted germanium nanowires; MM Koleśnik-Gray, T Lutz, G Collins, S Biswas, JD Holmes, V Krstić; Applied Physics Letters 103 (15), 153101    9    2013

Fabrication of a sub-10 nm silicon nanowire based ethanol sensor using block copolymer lithography;
S Rasappa, D Borah, CC Faulkner, T Lutz, MT Shaw, JD Holmes, ...; Nanotechnology 24 (6), 065503    22    2013

Contact Interface Studies of Metal and Carbon Electrodes to Germanium Nanowires, Carbon Nanotubes and Thin Carbon Films in Associated Devices; T Lutz; Trinity College Dublin        2013

Free-Standing, Single-Crystal Cu3Si Nanowires; SJ Jung, T Lutz, AP Bell, EK McCarthy, JJ Boland; Crystal Growth & Design 12 (6), 3076-3081    22    2012

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Resolving In Situ Specific‐Contact, Current‐Crowding, and Channel Resistivity in Nanowire Devices: A Case Study with Silver Nanowires; MM Koleśnik, S Hansel, T Lutz, N Kinahan, M Boese, V Krstić; Small 7 (20), 2873-2877    11    2011

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CVD Growth of Nanocarbons for Device Applications; N Mc Evoy, S Kumar, T Lutz, G Keeley, W Blau, G Duesberg; Meeting Abstracts, 2213-2213        2009

Low temperature graphene growth; S Kumar, N McEvoy, T Lutz, G Keeley, N Whiteside, W Blau, GS Duesberg; ECS Transactions 19 (5), 175-181    7    2009

One-and Two-Dimensional Carbon Nanostructures for applications in Microelectronic Devices and Electrochemical Sensors; G Keeley, T Lutz, N McEvoy, S Kumar, M Schreiber, N Whiteside, ...; Meeting Abstracts, 1313-1313        2009

Fabrication of all-Carbon Nanodevices; T Lutz, S Krishnamurthy, M Schreiber, G Keeley, GS Duesberg; Meeting Abstracts, 2135-2135        2008

Process for producing a mask; T Lutz, J Schneider; US Patent 7,410,732        2008

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Determination of best focus and optimum dose for variable shaped e-beam systems by applying the isofocal dose method; K Keil, KH Choi, C Hohle, J Kretz, T Lutz, L Bettin, M Boettcher, ...; Microelectronic Engineering 85 (5-6), 778-781    6    2008

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Apparatus and method for determining physical properties of a mask blank; T Lutz, M Menath; US Patent 7,289,231        2007

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IEDM Tech. Dig., 2004 IEDM Tech. Dig., 2004, 2004; L Dreeskornfeld, AP Graham, J Hartwich, J Kretz, E Landgraf, T Lutz, ...

Dr. Tarek Lutz
T +49 (0)7121 51530-900


  • Transmission Electron Microscopy Study on the Precipitation Behaviors of Laser-Welded Ferritic Stainless Steels and Their Implications on Intergranular Corrosion Resistance
    Sommer N, Warres C, Lutz T, Kahlmeyer M, Böhm S
    Metals. 2022; 12(1):86. https://doi.org/10.3390/met12010086
  • Characterisation of elastic-plastic material characteristics of Sn solid solution, SbSn and Cu6Sn5 in the tin-based sliding bearing alloy SnSb12Cu6ZnAg
    Sous C, Jacobs G, Lutz T
    Materials Science and Engineering. 2018 May; 724: 566-575.