New „Retina-on Chip“ Results at International Meetings

| Miriam Reh, Meng-Jung Lee and Andrea Corna will present their “Retina-on-Chip" results

„ Miriam Reh, Meng-Jung Lee and Andrea Corna (PhD students in the Neurophysics group) will present their “Retina-on-Chip” results at the Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society in Göttingen ( and
at the International Winterschool on Bioelectronics BioEl 2019 (Kirchberg, Austria). The titles of their posters are:

  • Combining two photon microscopy and CMOS MEA to uncover the mechanism of aberrant activity in blind retina (MJ Lee)
  • Towards spatio-temporal optogenetic threshold maps in blind retinas  (M Reh)
  • Towards object encoding in artificial retinal stimulation  ( A Corna)