Member of the 4D-Bioprinting Network

Since November 2020, the NMI is a partner in the international ZIM network "4D Bioprinting" (FKZ 16KN098801). This network consists of European SMEs and research institutions that are jointly researching innovative bio inks and want to develop reproducible, tissue-specific printing processes. The spatial dimensions of 3D printing are complemented by a fourth, namely the time factor. Time plays a crucial role in printing living cells, as the functionality and shape of printed objects evolve over time. Thus, even when using living cells, the structure changes. The social relevance and economic benefits of 4D printing lie in the following fields of application: additively printed organs for transplantation medicine and tissues made from human cells for drug research.

The network is open to further partners from industry and research.

Further information on the ZIM network of EurA AG can be found here: