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18th International EAU17 Meeting - London

2. Preis für Poster in der Kategorie Onkologie für die Arbeitsgruppe Tumorbiologie


09.03.2017 - Posterpreis für Nicola Groll

DGPT-Preis für das beste Poster


25.11.2016 - Pluriomics User Meeting

The NMI is sending their expert on MEA technologies to Leiden: Udo Kraushaar has wide experience in this field and will point out the advantages as well as the challenges of the MEA technologies.


24.11.2016 - Wirtschaftsministerium fördert NMI im RegioWIN-Projekt

Stärkung der regionalen Industrie und Spitzenforschung durch Aufbau eines Nanoanalytikzentrums im Technologiepark Tübingen-Reutlingen


21.11.2016 - Data collection for CiPA Myocyte study finalized within one month

Only approximately one month after being leveled-up to MEA core-site for CiPA Myocyte study we were able to complete the cultivation, recording and analysis of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes from Axiogenesis and Cellular Dynamics on the Multiwell syste