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21.11.2016 - Data collection for CiPA Myocyte study finalized within one month

Only approximately one month after being leveled-up to MEA core-site for CiPA Myocyte study we were able to complete the cultivation, recording and analysis of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes from Axiogenesis and Cellular Dynamics on the Multiwell system from Multi Channel Systems MCS.


For each of the cell lines 28 test compounds with a minimum of 5 repeats plus positive and negative controls were were tested for changes in the field action potential characteristics. More than 3000 data points were submitted to HESI and, together with other core-site data, will be statistically analyzed and evaluated.

First data analysis is planned to be presented during the next CiPA update meeting in Rockwille, MD, December 6th 2016. Looking forward to meeting you there.

CiPA (the Comprehensive in Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay initiative) is a project driven by the Health and Environmental Science Institute (HESI), the FDA and the Safety Pharmacology Society. It aims to optimize the assessment of clinical potential of TdP and to replace the preclinical hERG current assay required under the ICH S7B safety pharmacology guideline.

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