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Dr. Thomas Joos
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Protein arrays

Protein microarray technologies are powerful tools to identify, quantify and analyze dozens of analytes as well as to screen for multiple protein functions in a single experiment. Miniaturization and parallelization of the assays allow higher throughput and output without compromising robustness of the assays. Furthermore, protein microarrays require only minimal amounts of sample and reagent materials.

The NMI's protein array team is one of the world's leading teams within the field of miniaturized multiplex immunoassays. The team has a strong record in evaluating the latest protein arrays technologies. A state-of-the-art protein array facility has been established at the NMI for the expression and functional analysis of proteins.

This unique NMI expertise is integrated into research and service projects supporting the research activities of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The experience and expertise of the NMI team is the basis of our research and service projects and ensures that project deadlines are kept despite time-to-result constraints. Our assays only require minimal  amounts of sample and reagent material.

Our scope:

  • Biomarker screening for tumors and healthy tissue, cell lines, plasma
  • Technology evaluation, consulting, assessments