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Dezember 2, 2017 - Presentation at the Artificial Vision Symposium / Aachen

Larissa Höfling will present her results on electrical stimulation in ex vivo retina Her talk is entitled:"Temporal filters of electrically stimulated retinal ganglion cells"


Nov. 9, 2017 - Publication in Cerebral Cortex

Great news from molecular neurobiology.


October 2017 - Start NetPhaSol Network

NMI at the University of Tübingen is a member of the Network for Pharma Solutions (NetPhaSol)


24. - 26.09.2017 The Eye and the Chip – World Congress on Artificial Vision, Detroit

Vortrag von Dr. Günther Zeck, Leiter der Abteilung Neurophysik, zum Thema Single-Pixel Stimulation of Blind Rodent Retina Using a Subretinal Implant


7.9.2017 - Test systems for Alzheimer’s disease

A-ADAM, a new EU-funded project developing test systems for Alzheimer’s disease

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