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Dr. Martin Stelzle

Tel: 07121 51530-75

BioMEMS / Sensors

  • BioMEMS (Bio-Microelectromechanical Systems) for applications in diagnostics and therapy

  • Development of electrochemical and optical sensors

  • Functional coatings, micropatterned surface functionalization

  • Micro- and nanotechnology

  • Dielectrophoretic manipulation of particles in microfluidic systems, bioseparation

  • Multiphysics simulation of field distribution, hydrodynamic and electric forces, transport processes in microsystems

Techniques, methods, equipment

  • Sensor laboratory for preparation and evaluation of sensors, electrochemistry setups, impedance spectroscopy

  • Thick film printing setup

  • Microfluidic laboratory with experimental setups comprising fluorescence microscopes, cameras, microfluidic controllers with LabView interface

  • Chemistry laboratory with Glovebox, instrumentation for surface functionalization

  • CAD/CAM systems for rapid prototyping of microsystems, preparation of molds

  • Fineplacer, adhesive bonding system

  • Multiphysics simulation software (CFD-ACE, FlexPDE)

  • Microcontact printing (CAD-design, mold fabrication, stamps, alignment tools)


  • Multiphysics simulation, support for development of microfluidic devices

  • Thickfilm technology and sensor development

  • Microcontact printing (CAD-design, mold fabrication, stamps, alignment tools)

  • Versatile Microfluidic Controller System, incl. control software



NanoBioPore: nanoporous electrode systems for sensitive electrochemical sensors for medical diagnostics

Artificial Synapse: chemical stimulation of cells and tissues by localized application of compounds from a microfluidic system

microPrep:subcellular fractionation of cell homogenates by dielectrophoretic forces in a microfluidic system, robust longterm stable fractionation to yield ultra-pure organelle preparations for proteom analysis (2D-PAGE, MS)

Nanohybrid: nano-patterning technology based on the self-organisation of nanoparticles and their use as shadow masks (download further information)

PathIdent: microfluidic diagnostic system for the detection of antibiotic resistance genes (winner project at the BMBF innovation contest for medical technology 2006)

HepaChip: microfluidic 3D cell culture system for assembly of liver sinusoids from primary cells and use for repeated dose toxicity testing

ImplantMon: implantable microsensorarray to monitor physiological parameters at the sensor / tissue interface during ingrowth (download information 1 / information 2)

Ci-Ca: electrochemical microsensors to monitor citrate anti-coagulation during extracorporal blood treatment


On going

Functional coatings: tailoring material surfaces to enhance and guide interaction of cells and tissuess.

SafeIS: immunoassay in a microfluidic cartridge to measure the effectiveness of immune suppressiva in samples from patients´ blood (download further information)

VirCellChip: microfluidic diagnostic platform to specifically accumulate and detect cells or viruses in blood without PCR

ChamPArray: sensitive detection of DNA in microfluidic system

Click&Go: sensors for cassette based blood gas analyzer system

NanoPORElution: nano-porous drug delivery device technology, application to coronary stents

Aptamer Copolymers: bioseparation device to separate cells from aptamer molecules