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Drs. Pawlak / Templin
Protein Profiling / Assayentwicklung

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Assay development

In collaboration with clinical researchers, we are focusing on characterizing cellular signal transduction processes and identifying / verifying disease-specific biomarkers for diagnostic and prognostic purposes. Particular attention is being paid to the characterization of active signal proteins (e.g. phosphorylated kinases, proteases) and their interaction in the signal cascades of the cells that are involved in the emergence of tumors and other diseases.

Our miniaturized immunoassay systems allow extensive testing of tiny quantities of clinical sample material or samples from animal models (e.g. serum, cell culture / tissue samples such as tumor biopsies and tissue sections).

Hundreds of analytes from hundreds of samples can be tested simultaneously. With the help of biostatistical tools, we aim to identify disease-relevant changes and typical protein patterns in order to determine the signal cascades involved. Understanding the mechanisms behind the pathological changes enables us to identify new biomarkers.