Biomedical technology

Micromedicine and neurotechnology


The combination of microsystems, nanotechnology, material sciences, biochemistry, and cell and molecular biology enables the development and use of miniaturized methods and systems in neurotechnology and medical diagnostics.

Intelligent implants: The development and production of microimplants poses numerous challenges in both materials and production technology. The NMI is currently developing safe solutions that offer long-term stability for Microelectrodes and encapsulations for neurotechnological implants in the eyes, ears and brains.

Diagnostic microsystems: Microsystems help to simplify and speed up diagnostic processes and improve the reliability of results. The NMI is working on diagnostic processes and developing sensor systems that can reliably identify the presence of biological particles, such as viruses, proteins or DNA, and electrolytes and gases in blood and urine samples.

Biological/technical interfaces: We use unique preparation procedures and analytical methods to analyze processes that occur at the interface between implant and tissue.