Applied research

Application-oriented research

The NMI specializes in application-oriented research focusing on future challenges: widespread diseases, degenerative disorders in an aging population, the restoration of bodily functions after illness and injury.
These are some of the issues for which we develop research tools, diagnostic methods, treatment strategies and test systems, e.g. new pharmaceutical drugs.

The interplay between different technologies and the combination of life sciences and material science spawns the development of novel products and processes. This often leads to new areas of research, new start-ups and inevitably to new jobs. The NMI's sound interdisciplinary and application-oriented approach to research: it has an excellent international reputation and has laid the foundation for numerous spin-off companies.


Research areas

Biomarkers for personalized medicine
Technologies and assays for the identification and validation of biomarkers

Tumors: signaling pathways and treatment response
Identification and validation of targets for pharmacological drugs and biomarkers for diagnosing and monitoring the success of cancer treatments

Neuronal signaling pathways: stabilization of synapses
Investigation of the molecular mechanisms in synapse formation and stabilization in neurodegenerative diseases

Regenerative medicine

Investigation of molecular and cellular biological mechanisms in regenerative processes and the development of cell-based treatments. The main focal points of our research are in the areas of:

Intelligent microsystems for diagnostics and treatment
Probes, chips, and implants – product and process innovation for biotechnology and biomedical technology applications