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CYTOCENTERING: a novel technique enabling automated cell-by-cell patch clamping with the CYTOPATCH chip.

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Glial and neuronal regulation of the lipid carrier R-FABP

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Long-term stimulation of mouse hippocampal slice culture on microelectrode array

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2003 - Multiple Substrate Array (MSA): A screening tool for regulation of cell function and adhesion by extracellular matrix.

Autor(en): Angres, B., Kuschel, C., Steuer, H., Stumpf, S., Benz, K., Stoop, R., Hämmerle, H.Datum: 31.01.07Angres, B., Kuschel, C., Steuer, H., Stumpf, S., Benz, K., Stoop, R., Hämmerle, H. (2003). Multiple Substrate Array (MSA): A screening tool fo

Propofol for procedural sedation in children in the emergency department.

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In-situ monitoring of electron beam induced deposition by atomic force microscopy in a scanning electron microscope.

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Temperature Change in the Subretinal Space During Infrared Irradiation.

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